Faux Real

I need to vent.  Why is Zara trying to steal my style?  I went in there and it looked like my closet.  Then, I looked at the price, and the price looked like my bank account... LOW!  My bank account is low because I spent my hard earned money on the designer pieces that Zara is copying.  Then, I see these trash bags wearing the knock-off version, and I lose appreciation for my designer piece; because I don't want to be associated with the pedestrian public.  I was out the other night, and this guy said to me "nice shoes." [He pointed at his shoes and then to mine]...He did that annoying thing to comment "nice shoes" simply because he thought we were wearing the same shoes).  First of all, random, don't speak to me unless spoken to...Second, they aren't the same.  Mine are Saint Laurent, and yours are garbage. Scat peasant.