Dope Show

"We're all stars now"'s a fuck show.  Today, social media is such an overwhelming force, it's nearly impossible to escape.  I am so intrigued by the whole thing.  I started my blog because I had a pretty decent following on Instagram... But without that following (Instagram) how would I get people to read my blog?  Would I have to hire those sign twirlers with my URL printed on it?  Write on bathroom stalls ..."for a good time"?  The internet has made it accessible for anybody with a computer to have a voice.  -But does everyone deserve that power?  I am a bit of a nerd, but I spend hours doing my homework.  I read a lot of blogs and study the pages of other "influencers".  I like to know what's out there, so I can deviate myself from the group.  Honestly, it makes my blood boil.  Apparently to be a men's blogger, you simply need a [plain] white and black shirt to wear everyday, that is 2 sizes too small, with muscles and tattoos, and you will have a cult following.  On most of these meathead's pages, there isn't even any writing; just page-after-page of them flexing in their Hanes t-shirts.  And ladies...We get it, you're skinny... but hiding your hideous mug with your hair and posting pictures of your bones and avocado toast doesn't make you creative.  Personally I'd use a paper bag to cover that face, instead of your dry-ass hair.  -And maybe actually eating that avocado toast... that would be riveting.  All in all, if you are reading this, you clearly have immaculate enjoy the "dope show"!

Sunglasses Dior // Jacket Levis // Shirt Vintage // Pants Zanerobe // Shoes Yeezy Boost