KISS my ass

I am from Minnesota, home of Mall of America and for having the country's nicest people!  Gas is cheap, the scenery is beautiful, and there are more Wal-Marts per capita than any other region... No wonder everyone is so nice!  My "nice-ness" has really been tested lately.  Since I am so sweet and caring, people are constantly trying to take advantage of me.  There are so many angry people in LA; who seem to get off on fucking people over.  I always try to brush it off, and take into account the source.  There is a quote... something like "The lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of sheep."  I'd like to take that statement one step further and say Beyonce doesn't concern herself with trash, you dumpster piece of shit ;)  As you can tell, my "Minnesota nice-ness" is pretty much non-existent these days!  It's hard not to be jaded, but if someone is going to disrespect you, they don't deserve your respect.  So you can KISS my ass... please and thank you.