Holy Shit!

As you probably already know, from my aggressive posting on IG... that I am in New York.  I love New York!  Lots of drinking, lots of walking!  It's strange, but one of the things I miss most about living in New York, is the gyms.  They have the best equipment and are so aesthetically appealing...I'm not mad about working up a sweat, looking at exposed brick!  This morning I went to the gym...last night, I went out.  Let me prefix by saying I was rushed to pack for my trip, so I threw all my pills in a container, and in the suitcase they went.  I have my charcoal pills (to ween out the alcohol), Hydroxycut (to give me energy), and then a bunch of random vitamins for my basic well-being!  I woke up feeling a bit rocky (from my 37 vodka sodas!), so I went in for some charcoal pill relief... Side Note: my charcoal pill container is very similar to my colon cleanse [pill] container.  As you can imagine, I get to the gym and feeling no relief, but rather, like I am going to explode.  In my frantic-packing rage, I packed my colon cleanse pills instead of my charcoal pills!  Needless to say, taking 3 colon cleans pills is comparable to a volcano shooting out hot lava!  Another fun fact about me: I don't go to the bathroom in public!  I would rather go to Afghanistan than go #2 [in public].  So here I was, in the middle of New York, very very far away from my hotel room...and at this point, sweating profusely in my clenched/stressed state...  To avoid going into detail, I will sum it up by saying, that I will not be frequenting the Starbucks in Astor Place anytime soon...[Hangs head in shame].  I am not proud of my actions!  I am also deeply sorry for the sweet Korean boy who was in the bathroom line behind me.  I am not sure of his aspirations, but I don't believe his "dreams came true" this afternoon.