No More [Pool] Parties In LA

Thank God Labor Day is over, fall is approaching, and everyone in LA is going to have to put on some clothes and find a personality.  Being in New York over Labor Day, I was flooded with basics in LA blowing up my Instagram feed with posts from pool parties.  We get it, you got the day off from pushing “Sugar Bear Hair Gummies", and an afternoon free from promoting “Fit Tea” but by the looks of that mansion, and your lack of morals, it looks like you were still “providing services“ to some old perv with money.  It is also ironic that everyone in LA celebrates Labor Day, as it appears nobody works.  But thankfully, natural selection will soon take its place; as the weather cools down, these basura-bag’s will fly south to continue their inter-breeding and sterioid use back at their home in Miami.  Besos!

Hat Brixton // Sunglasses Illesteva // Jacket BLK DNM // Shirt Kelly Cole // Jeans Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent