Cut The Fat

Everyone's New Years resolution is always to lose weight.  I know this: 1. Because these people are very vocal about their newfound healthy lifestyle plans (side note: no need to tell me you need to lose weight, I have eyes.)  2. Because the first week of January my yoga classes are flooded with sedentary people. -Until they inevitably switch out their downward dogs for corndogs. 

Thanks to said yoga class, I am not looking to lose weight this year.  I am more focused to cut the fat [out of my life].  I am a great friend.  Yet, while looking back at this past year, Ive had so many “friends” constantly having to apologize to me [for doing me dirty] -or- were too proud to apologize [and admitting fault] and simply ghosting.  Why am I never having to apologize?  -And why am I always having to accept these half ass'd apologies?  Oh because I am a loyal, caring, honest friend (on top of being fuckin’ fun!). And those aquaintences were selfish, rude, and dishonest  

No shitty friends in 2019... Not this year!  I will make it easy, CLIP ✂️, new phone number, who's this? Thanks Santa! 📱