Time is of the essence

Time is going by way too fast!  I have no concept of time.  I feel like I graduated from high school a couple years ago... when in fact it was over a decade ago (well over a decade).  

In my mind I feel like I am forever 23.  But every morning when I look in the mirror, I bear a strong resemblance to Kellyanne Conway.  I knew I was getting old when that saying “trends always come back in style” …happened!  The same Adidas pants and Champion sweatshirts I wore in elementary school are now on these “cool” millennial curb-squirrels who have no idea who Savage Garden even is.  I am doing whatever I can to hold on to my youth without looking like Joe Simpson (if you haven’t seen Jessica Simpson's father lately... your welcome).  

But where did the time go?  I had (what felt like) 35 seconds between my awkward buck teeth/acne phase to the demise of my metabolism/collagen phase...  And I wasted that time… well probably wasted.  

At this stage in my  life I feel like it's putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  The only thing larger than my appetite are my pores and the long list of things I am too old to participate in.  I will no longer be able to entertain this male crop top trend, go to a Taylor Swift concert without looking like a pedophile, or audition for American Idol.  A true tragedy!  Through this heartbreak I was lucky enough to live through some pretty historic events that kids these days will never understand;  Ed Hardy, Lindsay Lohan's career, and most importantly the beauty of frosted tips.  In remembrance of my luscious icy locks... here's a picture of me in the snow, and my golden locks.