"Live, Laugh, Love"

If you have "Live, Laugh, Love" on a slab of faux aged wood, in your living room... Quit reading this post and disburse of it immediately . It's basically a tramp stamp for your house saying "I'm tasteless and trashy"... However...  This past month, I unintentionally "lived"  "laughed" and "loved" so hard!  I don't know if that's my instinctual basic-ness shining through -or-  I was just surrounded by loved ones, where I could take a deep breath, drop my shoulders, and just be myself.  This weekend my friends came to visit.  Naturally, we did some extensive alcohol samplings around Los Angeles, and then we ventured to Palm Springs where we stayed at the Ace Hotel and did some more substantual beverage tastings (by the pool) and then we headed to Joshua Tree!   It was truly a magical time.  It makes my heart full knowing I found friends who I can explore with, be stuck in traffic in a car for hours with, watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians with, hungover hike with.... and no matter how minimal or grand the activity is, their presence is my favorite part.   Lots of love ❤️ Tom, Emily, Zoe, ...and Bologne