What The HELL-th

I am trying to be healthy and broaden my horizons.  My manager said I need to get out of my comfort level and try new things [to write about].  Since I ate my emotions all winter, I thought what better than focus on my health...  I am now beginning to think it would have been easier had I just jumped out of a plane or hitchhiked to get "out of my comfort zone"...But like everything else in my life, I chose the hard way.

After my hangover from Memorial Day wore off, I joined hot yoga (@modoyogala).  I have an addictive personality, which usually derails me into the excessive consumption of Dominos Pizza, and alcohol... but luckily for me, this addiction has a positive attribute, because I am obsessed with this place!  I work out regularly, but clearly I am doing something wrong considering I spend hours at the gym and still have a visible fupa.  After just an hour at Modo, I have noticed a considerable difference in my waistline and complexion.  2 birds; 1 stone.  Obsessed!

After doing yoga [in temperatures of upwards of 100 degrees], feeling enlightened by the positive outcome of my "outside my box" thinking... I decided to take another "non-sektual" adventure, and tried Cryotherapy (@next_health).  The Cryo machine looks straight out of "Handmades Tale" (which naturally spiked my hyperactive anxiety) and freezes your body to temperatures colder than -100 degrees.  The 3 minutes were absolutely miserable, but the after effects were interesting.  I felt so awake and invigorated which was incredible, however I have never felt my gonads try to burro into my belly button which was, yet another, new experience for me.  I am just checking boxes off my bucket list this week.  It makes me nervous for what's in store next week.  Stay tuned!