O.V. You Are

Is Adam Rippon over yet?  He is like the extra weight I carry around my belly button... I hate seeing it, but it's always there.  Also, like my gut, the more I work to not see it...  the more he shows up.  I don't follow him on any social accounts but he keeps popping up in my feed.  I turn on the tv...he is there.  Listen to a podcast...hear his winey voice.  

I miss watching the Olympics, but ever since, I feel like I am live-stream watching his hairline recede, or his forehead getting larger... or maybe it's just his head getting bigger ... I did not sign up for this.  

You weren't talented enough to win the gold, you're too annoying to be a TV personality, and not relevant enough to be a celebrity.  

I take my skin care very seriously, and I would rather fry off my skin in a tanning bed for 15 minutes than deal with 15 minutes more of your "fame".