L.A. zy

People in LA are so lazy.  They will sit in their car [in traffic] for 35 minutes to travel a mile (to avoid walking).  They will spend years being an "actor" to avoid getting a real job (your IMDB is empty).  They can't even get dressed.  I went to lunch the other day and saw multiple girls in sports bras and yoga pants.  You are too lazy to put on a pair of jeans?  If you actually did work out (which you didn't) that would be really nasty; sitting your sweaty ass in the restaurant seats.  It should be mandatory that you Chlorox wipe the chair after sitting like you would at the gym.

But getting back to my point, nobody tries here!  On the rare occasion that one of these slobs puts on a t-shirt instead of a sports bra, people lose their shit..."You look so great!" "Where are you off to all dressed up?"  She finally brushes her hair and people react as if she is off to the Met Gala.  I haven't given up on my life [quite] yet and actually spend the extra 10 minutes to address personal hygiene, and take consideration in picking out clean clothes that match (and that aren't gym attire).  Since this is normal for me, nobody takes notice.  People should be falling to their knees, shrieking like it's a "The Swan" reveal...but apparently they are too lazy.  This is me boycotting by wearing a sweatsuit in public [gasp]. 

I am sad to report that it actually was really fucking comfortable… But I still don’t approve!