Let me pre-fix by saying I don't write controversial things for attention, I write them because everyone else is thinking it, and apparently I am the [peoples'] voice of reason to say it.  I feel like I am gonna get a lot of heat for this one (which is is nothing new for me) but before you start writing these heated messages, I ask that you read this thoroughly before jumping to conclusions... **Side note: from past experience, before you go and rip apart my writing and thrash my opinions... please know the difference between quoting [me] and paraphrasing [me]... there's a huge difference!

With no further ado...

I am so tired of this new trend of #equality... or lack thereof.  In our state of the world, our current political situation, and the #MeToo movement,  I understand groups of people bonding together.  However, lately my blood has been boiling over these female empowerment groups/cults/organizations.  I don't believe in female empowerment, I believe in people empowerment.  A group of woman getting together to have a female only event (cough Bloggers Who Brunch) seems very ironic (and sexist). They are segregating themselves, when their whole basis is to empower for equality 🤔.  It seems very barbaric on all accounts that any gender, race, etc. would want to form a group to further seclude themselves from society.  We should all be bonding together!  To understand my point, could you imagine if there was a male only event where men sit around and talk about how much more intelligent, handsome and powerful we are as men [than woman]?  That would never happen!  This would cause a media frenzy and hoards of protests... but when woman do it...there are floral step and repeats, pink balloons and called something fucking stupid like "Babes & Bubbly".  -Should be called "Cake Face With Daddy Issues".  The real question is did you use your hard earned money to buy your IG followers, or did you use daddy's CC?

On a side note, I know a lot of girls that go to "said events" and they believe in female empowerment until they are on a date with a man and the check comes.  Just saying... If we all want to be equal, we should treat people equally.