I <3 NYC

Sorry I have fallen off the grid.  To catch you up to speed:  

It was my birthday. With that came my annual deep dive into a dark hole of self reflecting and the "what am I doing with this life?" conundrum. To avoid drowning in my own self pity, and the anxiety of my looming birthday (and that awkward birthday dinner bill splitting) I jumped on a flight to NYC [to spend time with my BFF]. That naturally turned my dark hole into a blackout of vodka, wine spritzers and belly laughs!  

I retuned back to Los Angeles with a horrific 2 day hangover (he's not 21 no more).  From there, I fell madly in love with a baby girl [I named Sophia].  She is an Italian Greyhound that needed me as much as I needed her.  In the short term I have been dealing with a lot of shit.  For once it isn't about fake friends or someone calling me fat and ugly, but actual shit.  I'm cleaning up side walk shits, and actively cheering for poops and pees!  (How long does potty training take?!)  In a few short weeks "what am I doing with this life" is me being the best daddy I can possibly be!  And I am so happy!  

There will be much more about Sophie coming soon, but before her cuteness steals my thunder, here is a glimpse at my amazing trip to New York!  Big thank you to 50 Bowery for the amazing hospitality, and @membersonlyusa for the cool birthday jacket!!