Meet Sophie

Seeing as it is #NationalPuppyDay, I feel it's an appropriate time to introduce to you my little angel, Sophie.  Sophie is an Italian Greyhound and is 12 weeks old.  What she lacks in weight she makes up for in brains. 

 While crate training, I learned not to put food in her crate (that she should get accustom to a strict portioned eating schedule).  During her feeding time, I noticed Sophie continually going in and out of her crate... Later I come to find a stash of Kibble in the back of her crate! Just like her daddy, she likes a midnight snack... and hoarding.  

Being so smart, Sophie naturally matured quickly.  Much like a Kardashian, every time my little innocent girl sees a large male dog she puts her butt in the air and instinctively rolls on her back [with her legs in the air]. Basically giving away the farm!  However, unlike the Kardashians, she doesn't discriminate.  She will spread her legs not only for black dogs, but white dogs, mixed dogs... long hair, short hair...she's down… to get down.

Like all empowered young woman, Sophie is a humanitarian.  With her passed ancestry being repressed racing dogs, her platform is to boycott walking [on her leash].  Being a supportive father, I can't force my daughter to run [or even walk].  It would be like telling Martin Luther King he didn't have a dream, or telling Rosa Parks to simply call a Lyft.  So I am stuck carrying my independent girl around in my arms like the princess she is.  I don't know if I am an enabler or supporting the "cause".

As a strong, intelligent woman, Sophie doesn't need a man to take care of her. Sophie, the entrepreneur, started a career the only way she could get around those darn child labor laws; by putting those long legs to work a model!  Watch out world, this bitch is WERKING! Follow her journey at @sophie_theitaliangreyhound.