Broad Backs & Big Mouths

(Blah) Sorry for being absent (Blah) travel, work, friends trips, family visits, puppy... whatever.

Let me get right into this. Fuck fake friends. During this break it wasn't just about being busy. I did some major soul searching. One being sober. After getting repeatedly talked about as being a "waste case" (from a friend). I decided to take a break. Not for anyone, but just as a personal reference point. Shit gets tough and alcohol is a crutch... Sometimes I have two broken legs. So I wanted, for myself, to know I could Kerri Strug this shit again. -Naturally I flourished. However you can be the ripest peach in the world, and there will always be someone who hates peaches. Who fuckin’ ridicules peaches?! -Those would be my [apparent] "friends"

The biggest misconception of me is that I am so nice/dumb. People assume they are one-in-the-same. God bless Minnesota! I am nice. But I am not dumb! If you think you are trying to play me, I am already playing you. If you are trying to make fun of me, good luck you are already a joke. -And please try to reverse-psychology me... I majored in that!

It's funny what your friends say behind your back... Cause their friends tell me...cause I'm so nice. Keep running your mouth, “friends”, I am all ears…

I don't get even, I get better. Watch your [broad] back.