You're Extra

You’re extra… Read all about it:

The world is so consumed with social media and frankly I'm getting tired of looking at everyone. First of all, nobody looks like their pictures.  Just a facade of over edited, shrunken, manipulated versions of themselves, and I call a false.  The stronger the filter the fuglier the face.  I think it's hilarious that all these Felicias are selling their filtered pre-set packages.  LOL nobody wants to look like you.  You can put a filter on trash, and it’s still trash. Which brings up my second annoyance of Instagram; assholes.  As tired as I am of looking at all these crusty cake faces, I am seeing way too much (physically) of these "taste makers"... and honestly it’s quite tasteless.  I am no Mother Theresa, but I don't want to scroll through my feed and see your b-holes.  I don't want to see where your baby came from, where you go to the bathroom, and I shouldn’t know what your areoles look like. It’s so crude!  It's ironic because you could actually be making money selling these spread eagle crotch shots to Hustler, but you are deciding to sell your body for free on Instagram..for likes.?!  Apparently some people are born without brains or beauty…or self-worth for that matter.  While I am airing my grievances…Everybody is tired of looking at your Coachella pictures... It's a 3 day festival and you have been posting for 2 weeks. Go home and be basic in the privacy of your own [trailer] home. You’re extra, and not cute!